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Wiley X Peak Captivate Blue Mirror/Matt Black Frame Safety Sunglasses
Wiley X Peak Captivate Blue Mirror/Matt Black Frame Safety Sunglasses

Wiley X

Wiley X Peak Captivate Blue Mirror/Matt Black Frame Safety Sunglasses

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TheWiley X Peak Captivate ACPEA19 is a polarized sports goggle, providing perfect fit, comfort and eye protection regardless of the type of activity.


Wiley X Peak Captivate polarized glasses from authorized Wiley X brand distributor.

The Peak model from the Active series, is a pair of glasses with a sporty design, ideal for those looking for solid and comfortable eye protection from the sun, dust and splashes.


The WX Peak have a heavily curved frame and contoured temples, so they fit snugly on the face and provide comfort even during all-day wear whether you're sailing, hiking in the mountains or traversing the world on a bicycle.


The glasses have an 8 degree of fit to the face, which means that the glasses cover the face to a greater extent, fit perfectly, provide a wide field of vision and better protection from light in the peripheral field of vision.


A key role in the goggles is played by the protective glass made of Selenite polycarbonate, which meets the stringent protective standards ANSI HVP and EN.166. The viewfinder is protected by a hard T-Shell coating, which effectively protects against scratches and increases the life of the lens. Wiley X applies a patented oleophobic coating to all Captivate polarized lenses. It gives the lenses a perfectly smooth and slippery surface, which effectively reduces the settlement of dirt, water and grease particles.


The Wiley X Peak Captivate ACPEA19 Captivate is a polarized eye wear for anglers, boaters and hikers who want maximum protection, functionality and a perfect fit to the face. The glasses use mirror blue polarized lenses - ideal for water sports enthusiasts. Polarized lenses provide contrast and clear vision, and also make our eyesight much longer rested. Polarized glasses reduce glare, so they are ideal for water sports, sailing and fishing. They are great for activities on sunny days, ideal for shallow water fishing and target shooting.


Captivate lenses effectively filter out overlapping light waves that reduce visual acuity. Thanks to polarization, the image is clear, colours are more strongly saturated and have greater contrast. Captivate technology also reduces blue light (HEV), increases red, yellow and green colour saturation, and minimizes reflections on reflective surfaces such as sheets of water. Captivate lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.




Activity during sunny weather and changing light conditions

Activity in green areas such as playing golf

daily activities and driving

all forms of fishing




Meets or exceeds (U.S.) ANSI Z87.1 standard for protection and resistance of optics to high-velocity particle impacts.


EN.166 F

Product certified and tested according to the European eye protection standard EN.166 (F) This standard defines the requirements for personal eye protection. Class F mechanical strength means resistance to impact with a 0.86 g steel ball at 45 m/s.



Patented polarized lens technology blocks 100% of polarized glare, provides full UV protection, and makes the image you see clear, contrasting, and full of naturally reproduced colours.



Hard outer coating protects against scratches and surface damage and extends the life of the lenses.



Select models of Wiley X frames allow you to fit an RX corrective insert with glasses prescribed by an ophthalmologist, so you can properly protect your eyes and enjoy any shooting and sporting activity. Wiley X with RX insert will provide a number of benefits:

  • easy to fit and less expensive to purchase,
  • a choice of 5 outer lenses with different colours, which allows for any lighting conditions,
  • the possibility to use the glasses without an insert,
  • are certified as safety glasses,
  • the inserts fit different models of glasses.


Wiley X applies a patented oleophobic coating to all Captivate polarized lenses. It gives the lenses a perfectly smooth and slippery surface, which effectively reduces the settlement of dirt, water and grease particles. This prevents oily streaks (lens fingering), water stains and makes oleophobic coated lenses much easier to clean than standard lenses.



Anti-reflective coating eliminates reflected light from the back of the lenses and guarantees maximum polarizing filter performance. The anti-reflective coating ensures image clarity, reduces the susceptibility of eyes to fatigue, hardens the lens surface and increases its durability. Anti-reflective coatings are used exclusively in polarized lenses.


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