10 of the best
Airsoft clothing & equipment brands

Whether you’re new to airsoft or have been playing for years, the right clothing and equipment can have a big impact on your game. To participate in any skirmish you will need to follow the rules and regulations of the site, which often require a certain level of specialised clothing and equipment to be worn. One of the primary purposes of airsoft clothing is protection; without it, the game is potentially dangerous and unenjoyable.

At the end of the day, everyone is playing to have a good time, not to obtain any serious injuries. Airsoft helmets are a must in any game, as is eye protection - a shot in the eye could have serious consequences!

In addition to safety, wearing purpose designed tactical clothing ensures players can remain comfortable while they play. Often made from tough durable fabrics, clothing such as tactical trousers and shirts enable freedom of movement, management of body temperature and protection from not only direct shots but from the environment in which the game is played.

Some players may also choose to bring additional equipment to an airsoft game. This equipment usually serves the purpose of improving the play, staying organised or increasing protection. Pieces of optional equipment that you could bring to airsoft include tactical vests which provide easy access to small items, airsoft plate carriers for enhanced protection and tactical backpacks to store all those essentials. Getting properly kitted up is all part of the airsoft experience.

Choosing the right clothing and equipment means finding products that help you to stay safe, keep you comfortable in a range of environments and conditions, and enable you to store and carry everything you need.

So, which brands are the best when it comes to airsoft clothing and equipment? Let’s take a look at 10 of the top contenders in the world today.

1. 5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical specialise in clothing that will prepare you for anything. Their motto ‘always be ready’ says everything you need to know about their tactical clothing and gear that will get you through any obstacle that you may face. Their original product, the 5.11 pant, was adopted by the FBI training academy in 1992 and used by the organisation as part of their official training uniform. Since this relationship was formed, 5.11 Tactical has been dedicated to providing clothing equipment that is both highly practical and impressively durable.

As well as making clothing for law enforcement, 5.11 produces a range of tactical clothing for everyday and civilian use. The clothing range is complemented by equipment such as high-quality bags which are great for carrying airsoft equipment, offering a range of features including MOLLE compatibility and the brand’s own HEXGRID load bearing system.

All of the clothing and accessories produced by 5.11 not only look the part; these products are durable, high-quality, functional and comfortable. It’s no surprise that 5.11 Tactical is one of the most popular tactical clothing and equipment brands in the world.

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2. Viper Tactical

Viper Tactical offers a quality yet affordable range of durable clothing that is perfect for airsoft, paintballing and other action-packed activities. Viper Tactical are part of the Thatchreed portfolio- a company based in the English countryside that specialises in military, camouflage and outdoor survival products. 

The company has 30 years of experience in making high quality tactical gear that is known for its durability. One of the great things about Viper Tactical is that they continuously research, develop and refine their products so that they are perfectly suited to the needs of players.

Viper Tactical offers everything from T-shirts to tactical vests. They also produce a wide range of protective gear specifically developed for the airsoft player, including head protection, eyewear, tools and magazine sleeves. If you want to be fully prepared, Viper Tactical provides you with everything that you may need.

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3. Magpul

Magpul was born in 1999 when a former US Marine special ops sergeant developed an accessory to help military personnel pull magazines from their pouches more easily. The company has since grown to be a US military approved provider and offers a wide range of high quality polymer accessories, as well as clothing and equipment suitable for combat and casual use.

Magpul creates products for both airsoft and real firearm users, and is known for delivering high quality at an affordable price. The company continuously develops, refines and innovates their product range, with the aim of delivering reliable accessories, equipment and components that make people’s lives easier, safer and more efficient. So whether you’re looking to customise your airsoft weapon, need to secure items safely during a skirmish or simply want to accessorise with style, then Magpul makes a great choice.

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4. Nuprol

Based in the UK, Nuprol is a leading manufacturer of airsoft weapons, accessories and parts; it also produces some great tactical gear and equipment for the sport. From bags and cases to store and transport all the gear players need, to protective eyewear and holsters, Nuprol offers a huge range covering everything that anyone involved in airsoft could need.

Nuprol have been one of the driving forces behind equipping players as airsoft’s popularity has increased in the UK over the last decade, developing the types of products that players demand as well as bringing a range of other popular brands to the UK market. 

When it comes to airsoft clothing and equipment, Nuprol offers well made and reasonably proceed products that are specifically designed for the sport; engineered to meet the requirements of players looking for durable and reliable gear that can handle any situation.

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5. Highlander Outdoor

Highlander Outdoor was founded in the 1980s in Scotland. The company's original aim was to make outdoor adventures accessible to everyone by providing affordable yet high-quality gear. As a brand created by outdoor enthusiasts that continuously test and refine their products, Highlander Outdoor knows its stuff when it comes to developing clothing and equipment for use in the great outdoors. The company were appointed as official licensees of the 2012 London Olympic games.

Highlander Outdoor now makes a wide range of clothing and equipment for outdoor adventurers. This includes jackets and outerwear for all conditions, thick gloves, military headcovers, tents and shelters, boots, warm base layers and many more items that are perfect for everything from a weekend airsoft skirmish to a week in the mountains. All Highlander Outdoor products are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be durable, reliable, practical and comfortable, which makes them perfect for any airsoft game.

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6. Mechanix

Mechanix specialises in hand protection that is trusted by millions around the world. Their products are developed using highly accurate anatomical designs and are made with industry-leading materials. Vigorous testing processes are used to ensure that all gloves are the best in the business. The first glove was made in 1991 and was worn by mechanics and pit crews during the 1991 Daytona 500.

The company has since expanded from motorsports and provides excellent hand protection for a range of industries that require skilled hands and dangerous work. Mechanix creates gloves for both men and women that offer all the features airsoft players might need.

Tactical shooting gloves are made with lightweight materials and thermostatic rubber to provide a secure grip around the wrist. The company also stocks camo gloves, cold weather gloves and many others that are consistently popular with airsoft players.

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7. Blackhawk

Blackhawk produces a great range of quality equipment for airsoft. The company was inspired by a Navy SEAL who vowed to improve the quality of gear provided to the military after his pack failed while navigating a minefield. Blackhawk carries out thorough research to constantly improve their products so that they can honour this commitment to making gear that can truly be relied upon. And with a mission statement that promises to “always put the needs of men and women in uniform at the forefront of everything that we do”, you know that you’re in safe hands with Blackhawk equipment.

The products made by Blackhawk are perfect for combat and rugged outdoor adventures, which makes them a great choice for airsoft. They offer everything from holsters and leg platforms to protective gloves and apparel. Blackhawk products are a popular choice with players who value quality, with all the refinement and practicality that you’d expect from professional grade construction.

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8. Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics began in 1986 when husband and wife team Daniel and Maggie Hamilton opened an outdoor equipment store in Wisconsin, USA with a firm belief in putting the customer first. Excellent customer service and a commitment to quality saw the store become hugely popular with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in the area, with optical equipment being one of the best selling product lines. By 2002 Vortex had launched its own range of optical equipment for outdoor pursuits, developed and engineered to meet the requirements of its customers.

Over the last two decades, the brand has continuously innovated and refined products to meet the demands of users, improve performance and enhance durability. Its commitment to quality and its ethos of putting customer satisfaction at the heart of everything it does has meant that it is now considered one of the leading outdoor optics brands in the world. Making everything from rifle scopes and lasers to binoculars and telescopes for hunting and bird watching, Vortex offers a famous no questions asked lifetime warranty on its products, which are all developed, engineered and serviced at the company’s state of the art Wisconsin facility. With its optical products used by the US military as well as civilian fans who appreciate the quality and precision on offer, Vortex also produces a comprehensive range of clothing and outdoor equipment that is perfect for airsoft players.

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9. Wiley X

Wiley X was founded in 1987 by a US Veteran, and has since grown into a global brand known for producing high quality gear for military and civilian use. With a focus on creating products that protect in the harshest of environments, Wiley X specialises in creating high performance eyewear to safeguard the wearer from the sun, as well as impact, which makes them a perfect choice for airsoft.

Continuous innovation drives the Wiley X brand, as does a commitment to quality which means corners are never cut. With features such as shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, 100% UV protection, distortion free clarity and removable face seals to adapt to changing environments, Wiley X is the perfect combination of performance, quality and style. 

Protecting your eyes is important when participating in airsoft, and Wiley X has a wide range of models to suit all players.

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10. Heavy Machine Gun Clothing

Heavy Machine Gun Clothing is a brand that was ‘born from combat’. The company was founded by a former Royal Marines Commando and is currently operated by veterans, providing premium quality apparel to armed forces and veterans communities that is designed to harness the feeling and emotion of combat.

Heavy Machine Gun Clothing creates a wide range of clothing including t-shirts and hoodies that can be worn during play as well as casually, many of which feature the brand’s famous skull design that is symbolic of the sacrifices made by soldiers to provide people with the life that we have today.

While airsoft makes no claims to truly represent what armed forces personnel experience on the battlefield, it is a game that reflects what combat is like; wearing HMG is a way to remember and honour those whose lives are lost or affected by genuine armed conflict.

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