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Finding the right clothing, footwear and accessories for airsoft is primarily about safety. The next priority needs to be comfort and the freedom to move around and get into position easily. If you can do that, you also avoid niggling injuries or post-play aches! Durability also matters a lot and products that stand up to the environment well.

One of the brands that is most successful at ticking all the right boxes, is 5.11 Tactical. In this article, we look at the history of the company and 5.11 Tactical ranges that airsoft players love.

About 5.11 Tactical

California-based 5.11 Tactical sells clothing, boots and accessories ideally suited to military activities, law enforcement, heavy-duty outdoor pursuits and any other situation requiring a combination of good protection and manoeuvrability.

This is why the company is in demand across the globe to meet the uniform and equipment needs of police forces, military units and other public service bodies. This well-respected brand also provides products to the public, including clothing, gear and equipment that is all developed to the same high standards as products designed for professional use. 

The emphasis is on functional and practical clothing, that’s also durable and hardwearing. However, 5.11 Tactical also ensures its products are well designed; you can find plenty of clothing items that not only perform well but also help you to 'look the part’ when playing airsoft or participating in other outdoor activities.

The company’s mission statement includes ‘always be ready’, and its product lines reflect that, on or off duty. As 5.11 Tactical says, “We trust our instincts, we trust our training, and we trust our gear”.

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A Brief History Of 5.11 Tactical

The 5.11 brand was originally the brainchild of mountain climber Royal Robbins, who already had a general clothing and boot business. Then, in 1968, he took out a trademark on "5.11" for pants that featured a now-iconic strap and slash pocket design.

The pants were inspired by Robbins’ need for robust trousers suitable for scrambling around rock faces unencumbered but protected. He took the name 5.11 from the term for rock climbing’s most difficult level. In fact, it was Robbins himself who developed that system for grading climbs.

In the 1990s, the original 5.11 pants started being worn by agents training at the FBI National Academy when a Royal Robbins employee, who was married to an agent, gave their spouse the pants to wear. They soon caught on and by the end of the decade were part of the official uniform at the FBI’s Quantico academy.

By that time, Robbins had sold 51% of his business to Dan Costa. Costa could see huge potential in the pants, so in 2002 he completed his acquisition of the rest of the company along with his business partner and current CEO Francisco Morales.

From there on, 5.11 Tactical began working even more closely with the FBI to develop additional clothing solutions for tactile situations under the 5.11 brand. The focus was on creating products that met the demands of those working in law enforcement and as first responders. Rather than trying to make the products cheaper, 5.11 Tactical worked to make the products better, aiming to provide the highest performance tactical clothing on the market.

By 2003 it wasn’t just the FBI who were using 5.11 Tactical gear. Word had spread and the brand was becoming popular with police and other law enforcement departments all over the US. With demand for professional grade tactical gear growing, 5.11 Tactical refined its product range further and by 2006 was named as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

In the years since, 5.11 Tactical has continued to develop and refine its products and now offers ranges for military, law enforcement, emergency services as well as civilian use. The brand has grown to be a globally respected supplier not just of pants, but also shirts, gloves, boots, packs and a wide range of tactical accessories, all designed and engineered to the same high standards which make them so reliable in the field.

5.11 Tactical: Recommended Clothing For Airsoft

As a brand used by military and law enforcement, it’s perhaps no surprise that 5.11 Tactical is also one of the most popular clothing and equipment choices with airsoft players. Anyone serious about the sport will appreciate the combination of quality, comfort and functionality that 5.11 Tactical offers, which make the company’s products the perfect choice for new and experienced players alike.
From the iconic 5.11 Tactical pants to base layers, jackets, vests and packs; the company offers everything needed to play airsoft. Its gear helps to keep players protected, enables them to move comfortably and helps them to perform at their best, all while offering serious practicality and durability.

You can instantly see the clothing is designed with functionality in mind, with placed pockets and strong seams, using materials developed to be breathable but provide reliable cover. For anyone interested in airsoft, 5.11 Tactical is highly recommended.

5.11 Tactical Trousers & Shorts

As the product that started the brand, 5.11 Tactical trousers are some of the best available and are widely used by professionals and civilians alike. The company makes trousers for everything from military and law enforcement use to outdoor adventure and fitness.

Having expanded their line up considerably over the years, today’s range of 5.11 Tactical trousers and pants offers a number of high quality models that are perfect for airsoft and other demanding outdoor activities. 

Full-length trousers are safer for airsoft, and 5.11 offers some well-priced options such as the popular TacLite Pro Pants which are made from the company’s 65% polyester/35% cotton TacLite ripstop fabric. In light yet tough 6.2-oz weight, the fabric also includes a Teflon finish that is brilliant for resisting dirt and moisture.

One of the most popular models is the 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant. Constructed from the brand’s patented mechanical stretch fabric, the Stryke Pants offer high levels of flexibility and range of movement for demanding activities while also being tough and durable. With 12 pockets, articulated knees and a self adjusting waistband, these trousers offer everything you could need.

The company also uses triple stitching and added focus on the main seams and stress points, as well as reinforcing trouser seats and knees. Some products are also designed to easily accommodate knee guards.

As well as trousers, the company also produces a great range of shorts for activities in warmer weather. As with their trousers, 5.11 Tactical shorts are made from tough yet durable fabrics and include plenty of handy pockets and reinforced, double stitched and bar tacking at the seams.

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5.11 Tactical Shirts

5.11 Tactical produces a wide selection of shirts and tops that are designed to deliver comfort in a range of environments. 5.11 Tactical shirts are built to last, offering protection from the elements and helping the wearer to stay comfortable in a range of environments.

The range includes shirts that are made from the same high performance fabrics as the brand’s range of pants, including the lightweight yet incredibly durable TacLite polycotton ripstop fabric in models such as the TacLite Pro shirt range, as well as flexible and durable Flex-Tac fabric used for models such as the Stryke Shirt.

The 5.11 Tactical Shirt range also includes quarter zip tops such as the Rapid Assault series which are perfect for layering in cooler weather or wearing on their own in warmer climates. Some models are designed specifically to be worn under body armour or vests and use flexible, moisture wicking fabrics for enhanced comfort and full range of motion.

The shirts and tops available from 5.11 Tactical are available in a choice of colours, including classic greens, browns and greys, as well as camo. The range also includes options designed specifically to reduce visibility, allowing the wearer to blend into their surroundings and more easily evade detection, making them perfect for activities such as airsoft.

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5.11 Tactical Bags

Many of the bags from 5.11 Tactical feature the brand’s innovative HEXGRID load bearing attachment system, which opens up a huge range of options when it comes to attaching pouches, items and additional storage sections. The system is also compatible with any MOLLE products you may already own. 5.11 Bags also incorporate Gear Set functionality, which enables storage to be quickly and securely adapted to meet specific usage requirements.

Whether you’re looking for backpacks, duffel bags, sling packs or equipment storage bags, the 5.11 Tactical range is certain to have what you need.

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5.11 Tactical Vests, Rigs & Pouches

Tactical vests are one of the most useful pieces of equipment around, particularly those that offer MOLLE compatibility or 5.11’s innovative HEXGRID system, which means that the wearer can configure and reconfigure the items that are carried exactly as needed.

5.11 Tactical Vests, rigs and pouches offer an almost endless combination of customisation, enabling the wearer to keep small items close to hand, exactly where needed.

From radios and optics to spare ammo and medic supplies, it’s possible to store and carry almost any suitable items close to the body in a way that meets the exact needs of the wearer with 5.11’s range of tactical vests.

In addition to storing items, 5.11 Tactical vests are ideal for protection when playing airsoft, including plate carriers that are perfect for armour, or to use for fitness/training purposes.

5.11 offers an extensive selection of tactical vests, storage, pouches and chest rigs that are suitable for both professional law enforcement as well as private use. And as you’d expect, every item is intelligently designed and constructed to an incredibly high standard to ensure it won’t let you down.

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5.11 Tactical Boots & Footwear

Airsoft appropriate footwear is another area where 5.11 is one step ahead of the competition.

The range includes well designed and constructed military-style boots, which shield your feet and ankles without feeling clunky or restricting. Features such as non-slip soles and waterproof materials are taken care of, as well as options for side zips to get your tactical boots on and off easily.

5.11 Tactical footwear is designed to enable fast and agile movement across all terrains while keeping feet dry, comfortable and protected. To complement their boots, 5.11 Tactical also offers a range of socks that feature compression zones to help absorb shocks and are great for individuals who spend all day on their feet.

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5.11 Tactical Jackets

As you would expect from a company focused on tactical and military wear, 5.11 Tactical produces a superb range of waterproof, padded and packable tactical jackets for rigorous outdoor activities.

5.11 Tactical jackets and outerwear products are designed to do their job day-in day-out and feature similarly tough construction as the company’s pants with features such as multiple pockets and heavy duty zips that are made to last.

5.11 Tactical T-Shirts & Hoodies

As well as providing high quality tactical gear, 5.11 also offers an extensive range of clothing for casual use. And because they’re made by 5.11, you can be sure that these garments are built using a great choice of materials and stitched for durability.

5.11 Tactical t-shirts are suitable for wear as base layers on the airsoft battlefield, but are equally well suited for fitness and training sessions as well as casual wear during your down time. Fabric choices include classic 100% cotton and cotton/poly blends for enhanced moisture wicking performance; helping you to stay dry, comfortable and stylish whatever the situation.

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5.11 Tactical: For All Your Clothing & Equipment Needs

As one of the world’s leading tactical clothing and equipment brands, 5.11 offers everything you’ll likely need whether for professional use, when playing sports such as airsoft or for simply exploring the great outdoors.

From clothing and load carrying to tools and protective equipment; all the products in the 5.11 Tactical range are made to the same high standards and are developed to handle whatever is thrown at them.

Packing innovative features, 5.11 Tactical is known for developing solutions to meet the most demanding needs of its customers. From fabrics that offer the perfect combination of low weight and high durability, to attachment systems that enable gear to be stored and transported securely and conveniently, 5.11 Tactical are continuously pushing boundaries. This commitment to quality and innovation means that when you buy 5.11 Tactical, you do so knowing that whatever happens - you will always be ready.

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